Silverdale Plumbing and Heating

About the Company

Silverdale Plumbing & Heating is a trusted name in the industry, renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


As the business owner, I take pride in offering quick and reliable plumbing and heating services precisely when you need them most.

— Chris Barton, Silverdale


With years of experience serving the community, Silverdale has established itself as a reliable expert in all aspects of plumbing and heating services.

I understand that emergencies can occur at any moment, so I’m committed to being there for my customers when they require assistance.

Whether it’s a burst pipe, a blocked drain, a faulty boiler, or a dripping tap, Silverdale Plumbing & Heating is dedicated to delivering a prompt and efficient service to restore your systems seamlessly.

You can trust me to be there for you, providing the swift and dependable plumbing service you need to keep your home or business running smoothly.

In rare cases, I may use subcontractors to assist with specific aspects of the work to be completed.